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ilverado Ranch is nestled high in the Rocky Mountains. At nearly 8,000’ above sea level and surrounded by aspen forest, we are truly in some of the most beautiful country God created.

Here at Silverado we raise Morgan Horses that meet the Foundation Standards.

By the last census there are less than 1,000 of these spectacular horses left. These are the remnant of the horses that truly are the history of our country- the 1st American breed of horse. They are truly a pleasure to work with. These horses can excel in all disciplines, western, english, driving, cde driving or dressage.

My wife Ana and I believe that the way to pass these bloodlines onto future generations is to help supply breeders with the best stock available. We believe that the future of the breed lies in the hands of small determined breeders who can raise a few foals each to carry these magnificent bloodlines forward.

If you are looking to get started with Foundation Morgans or you would just like to bring some of these old bloodlines into your existing program, we would love to help you with the breed.


In October we are going to see our good friend Don Bahr in Wisconsin and looking forward to meeting Noel Radcliffe and Rory McGoff in person for the first time.

We will be delivering Bucksnorts Vermont Baylee to Don. She is in foal to Silver Cross Patriot.

We will be meeting Rory at Don’s Place and he will be taking ownership of Bucksnorts Dusky Rosebud who is in foal to Do-More Jazz.

The following mares have been confirmed by ultrasound for 2017 foals:

Bucksnorts Dusky Rosebud – (Do-More Jazz). This mare is going to Rory McGoff.

Bucksnorts Vermont Baylee – (Silver Cross Patriot). This mare is going to Don Bahr

Do More Dusky Rose –
(Silver Cross Patriot).

Do More Dancin Babe – (Silver Cross Patriot).  This foal is going to Don Bahr.

  Mythos Frida –
(Do-More Jazz). This foal is available for Presale. 


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